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Training sessions

Our training sessions are focused on helping your employees generate more revenue for your company.
A training session might pursue very different individual objectives: It can inform, lead to changes in behaviour, provide your employees with skills, or help them overcome personal barriers. Training sessions
are marked by a high level of practical relevance, are based on group interaction, and are led by trainers
with many years of experience in the hotel industry.

We engage in a comprehensive discussion with you before each training session to define concrete goals together.  When selecting training topics and methods, our choices are guided primarily by participants' current level of knowledge. We adapt content and methodology to participant needs.

Upon request, we can prepare further measures with you to ensure training content is retained and continues to produce success in the long term.

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You can find examples of our seminar offerings in our "Hotel", where they are arranged by category. Click on the puzzle pieces to learn more!


Strategies for future-oriented company positioning
Is your company a step ahead of the competition — or are you uncertain of where you stand? Top decision-maker training for efficient company positioning.

Leadership for top management levels
Confidently handling key functions in your hotel. How do you lead a remote team?


From employee to manager
Employee today — tomorrow the boss. How can you professionally prepare for the change in your responsibilities, and what will your first steps be as a young manager?

Leadership — instruments for optimal management
For anyone who already has some leadership experience and wants to deepen their knowledge and skills.

Leadership. Changing values = changing management?
Anyone who wants to manage others must first learn to manage themselves. But what does leadership look like in a world where values are changing more quickly than ever before?

Lead naturally — with personality
Who am I, and how can I integrate and motivate those around me as a manager?

Visible competence — professional conduct as a manager
Management roles also need to be communicated visually.
We show you how to do just that.


Introduction to the world of D/I/S/C
Evaluate customers, colleagues, employees, and managers more accurately and respond appropriately.

Working with customers and business partners based on the D/I/S/C model
For anyone who has already taken “Introduction to the world of D/I/S/C“ and wants to optimise the way they work with customers.

Management with D/I/S/C
The must have course for managers: more efficient team leadership and management based on strengths.


Sales organisation and planning
Getting started in the area and basic administrative and sales planning.

New customer acquisition over the phone (MICE/COR/Leisure)
For beginners in the field, and professionals who want to refresh their knowledge.

Follow-up telephone calls (MICE/COR/Leisure)
For all sales employees who want to close sales more quickly.

Personal appointments with customers (MICE/COR/Leisure)
Basic tips and tricks for personal appointments are elaborated for beginners in the field.

Pricing discussions with customers (MICE/COR/Leisure)
How do you engage in professional and results-oriented negotiations with customers?

Giving professional and profitable hotel tours
Winning over customers for your hotel and motivating bookings — For anyone with sales responsibilities.

Key account management in the hotel industry
For sales professionals: the optimal structure for an efficient key account system.

Leading and developing sales teams
Beginner course for managers in the sales area, and anyone interested in management.


Revenue-oriented enquiry handling
For anyone who wants to make professional telephone calls and feels called to do more than simply accept event reservations.

More MICE sales revenue over the phone
More revenue with every booking and a higher overall success rate in the MICE area (meetings, incentives, conventions, and events).

Cluster sales in the events office
What is the most efficient way to make sales in a central event sales office, and how can you handle the challenge of not knowing every detail about each hotel?

All or nothing strategy for more bookings
For any employee who's not interested in endlessly “pushing“ options or listening to customer excuses. Guide your customers directly to the booking!


Revenue-oriented reservation handling
For anyone who wants to make professional telephone calls and feels called to do more than simply accept reservations.

Efficiently upselling over the telephone
Higher revenues with every booking and a higher overall success rate.

Cluster sales in the reservation office
What is the most efficient way to make sales in a reservation office, and how can you handle the challenge of not knowing every detail about each hotel?


Perfect check-in and check-out

More revenue during every check-in

Handling difficult guests and situations in the front office

Efficient complaint handling

Selling customer loyalty programmes at the
reception desk
Is your customer loyalty programme not working? Then “boost“ sales from your programme with 10 golden practical tips for more sales directly through the front office.


Revenue-oriented reservation handling for SPA enquiries
For anyone who wants to make professional telephone calls and wants to provide their customers with professional advice.

Efficiently upselling over the telephone
Higher revenues with every SPA booking and a higher overall success rate for enquiries.


Perfect guest contact on the hotel floor
Each contact between your service personnel on the hotel floor and your guests is just as important as contacts made at the reception desk or in the restaurant. But — how certain are you that your employees are behaving appropriately?

Housekeeping employees as brand ambassadors

Housekeeping management


Effective presentations
For anyone who wants to make presentations in front of a group.

Structuring a presentation and training concept
How do you prepare a training and/or presentation concept you can then present in front of groups?

Prepared speeches and extemporaneous speaking
Basic training for extemporaneous speaking and professional speeches.

Handling difficult training situations and conflicts in your team

Trainer education
For anyone who wants to establish themselves as an internal trainer in a hotel. Includes all the courses from the “Train the trainer“ area, and ends with a practical test and certificate.


Avoiding complaints
What can you do to avoid complaints in advance?

Complaint management
How do you handle complaints in a professional manner, and how can you create an atmosphere of honesty that will help avoid negative publicity online?

Positive communication
For everyone who thinks “good“ is never “good enough“. The devil is in the details. Win people over using the power of language.

Giving persuasive presentations
Successfully prepare for and give personal presentations.

Telephone standards
What is the best and most professional way to behave on the phone, acting as a “business card“ for your hotel”?

Behaviour with guests
“Talk is silver, but silence is gold“ — more than 80 % of communication is influenced by non-verbal cues. For anyone who wants to use their body language to ensure their spoken words match up with professional body language.

Conflict management. Recognise and confront deep-seated and serious conflicts


Whether they're managers or employees, anyone who wants to be “seen“ today has to stand out of the mass of colleagues and employees with style. We provide sound tips to put your own personality perfectly “in the limelight“.


Traditional values aren't necessarily always transmitted through education or upbringing today. However, in the hotel industry, especially, one still comes into contact with very values-oriented, demanding guests. We provide reasonable and
easy to learn tips so you can move perfectly
through an international environment.


How to efficiently handle the resource of “time“
How do you coordinate your time, when pressure and requirements for employees/managers are increasing on all sides? 10 practical tips for more efficiency in the workplace.

A full list of our seminar topics is available at the following link:

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Curious about our trainers?

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Birgit Gemmer, Director of Sales
Fleming's Hotels & Restaurants

"The fact that our Munich reservation centre team is doing so excellent in its mystery call performance right now is due in no small part to your coaching session!"

Mr. Nöske
Azimut Hotel Cologne City Center

"Outstanding trainer. Good, realistic, and applicable content!"

Kai Tiemer, Managing Hotel Director
Gerry Weber Sportpark Hotel, Halle (Westfalen)

"Mr. Bäcker established an efficient, successful sales department with his team for the contracts, and then set it up for the long term. I appreciate that."

Marc Feller, Corporate Director of Essential Training Programmes
Kempinski Hotels S. A.

"Kempinski Hotels has enjoyed an outstanding partnership with Dirk Bäcker; we've always valued our collaboration with him."

David K.
Parkhotel St. Leonhard, Überlingen


Veronika R.

"Mr. Bäcker is an experienced, charming and empathetic teacher with a very good sense of humour. Participants learn both for job & life. His trainings show that he is passionate about his job. Thank you!"

Andrea Berg, Area Human Resources Director
The Rezidor Hotel Group

"Communication was built on a foundation of openness and trust right from the beginning, cooperation was outstanding and professional, results-oriented, and always efficient."

Stephan N.

"Dirk Bäcker stands out for his experience, ambition, and positive attitude, as well as his fun and enthusiasm. His commitment shines through to the participants."

Manuela V.

"The trainer Dirk Bäcker seems authentic. Participants benefit from his experience. Very high entertainment value; things are never boring, and there's a lot you can take home with you."

Harald Mintrop, Managing Director
MM Hotels

"We got to know Mr. Bäcker as someone who understands the hotel industry, and we value his skill, his commitment, and his empathy."

Anika Pohlmann, Sales Manager
Gräflicher Park, Gräflicher Park GmbH & Co. KG

"You were extremely successful in transmitting your life and job experiences to seminar participants in an interesting and engaging way."

Michaela Fricke, Executive Board, and Sebastian Hardt, Director Sales & Marketing
Arcadia Hotels & More Management GmbH

"You don't just train participants on standards; you also know and understand the needs of companies, employees, and customers today."

Franziska F.

"Mr. Dirk Bäcker got the content across with plenty of charm and humour. He takes time to answer questions, and tries to engage with and help out each individual participant."

Albert Stumpf, Managing Partner
NaturKulturHotel Stumpf, Odenwald

"A professional, friendly collaboration we will benefit from in the long term."

Steven H.

"It was simply a great training session. As the General Manager of a hotel, Dirk Bäcker would be my ideal salesman ... SUPER!!!"

Bernd R.

"Dirk Bäcker – communication expert, gets his listeners excited and combines specialist knowledge and practical applications in a simple and highly competent way. Thank you."

Kristin Nowak, Management Assistant Sales & Marketing
Naturresort Schindelbruch

"The Qausal team worked with us for 3 months and impressed us right from the start; we are still benefiting from their excellent work."

Mario Sorrentino, Hotel Director
Mercure Atrium Hotel, Braunschweig

"The collaboration doesn't feel distanced, as it does with an external service provider, but rather more like your own sales department."

Sarah Hoffzimmer

"With his DISC training, Dirk Bäcker gave us good insight into different aspects of human behaviour."

Patrick Försch

"Among other things, I really liked Mr. Bäcker's story about his own background in sales. It was very encouraging, and was told in a very vivid way."

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